UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock Remote Installation Service

UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock Remote Service Descriptions

Basic - UIM Eyeglass Probe Deployment and Installation Quick Start Service Description

  1. Service Delivery: Remote webex

  2. Service Description: This service is targeting customers who have need rapid deployment and knowledge transfer on monitoring, trouble shooting and basic operations of UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock.
  3. UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock - Deployment  and Implementation Quick Start Service - webex


    • UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock Basic Installation Service Questionnaire Form completed located here
    • Schedule service installation here
    • License keys for each Vblock to be configured
    • Supported Vision IO release (see product documentation)
  1. UIM Eyeglass Connect Probe for Vblock - Remote Install with customer via web meeting to accomplish the following Gather site installation requirements from checklist:
    1. Verify prerequisites are in place for UIM dependencies
    2. Verify service account exists with correct UIM permissions
    3. Install probe on a UIM hub and robot
    4. License Eyeglass probe with transaction number
    5. Add Vblock to probe
    6. Verify inventory collection
    7. Verify VM detection
    8. Verify logging settings on the probe
    9. Installation Completed for Vblock # X
  1. Knowledge Transfer Session - webex
    1. Review installation, and operating procedure to monitor the system replication status, overall status, inventory status.

    2. Review alarm tagging of Vblock components for rules based monitoring

    3. Review VM error and tracking on host

    4. Review adding Vblocks

    5. Review Probe logging