Eyeglass Cloud Report Services - Beta

Welcome to the Eyeglass Cloud Report Services, here you can upload, view and download reports about your configurations. You can also upload Phone Home support data from Eyeglass Appliances.

How to Access

  1. Create an account on support.superna.net

  2. After you login scroll to the bottom of the page to to begin.

  3. Beta testing you can download the .txt on this page to try out the solution

  4. Note:  testing appliance ID that must be used is e27f0f9a-S13v86U13v60-R13v56C13v26D13v26-1436495150 , the Cluster GUID  can be entered as any string in this beta, to test multiple uploads just make sure to record the values used when you upload)

  5. Other accounts that are authorized to get reports will also need a login on the support site AND must be added to the upload report to grant access.

First off you will choose if you want to view previous reports, upload a new report, or upload support data.


If you choose to upload a report, you will need to enter your Appliance ID and Cluster GUID (provided by Eyeglass). You can add user tags to the upload (something short that will help you remember this upload, such as your name, etc), and you can later search by these tags. (Tags are separated by comma, so a new tag is indicated by a comma, if your tag contains a comma, it will split the tag there, so no commas in the tag)

Next you can add authorized emails, make sure you include your own as well (this lets us know who has permission to view the configuration reports, emails are also separated by commas). You can also add a domain that has permission to view the reports, which are separated by commas (example gmail.com, superna.net, etc.)

Lastly you will need to upload a text file of the report you downloaded from Eyeglass cluster reports icon. There will be a check if you have entered all the mandatory fields, and there will be a pop up if you forgot something. By clicking reports are to be public, everyone can view the report.


After clicking submit, you will be brought to a new page where you can sort through your reports, which will be formatted into a table. If you fill out all the parameters, you will get a precise report, whereas if you don’t fill out all the parameters(at minimum you must provide a cluster GUID or an appliance ID) you will get more reports. Please provide one tag for the user tag. This page can also be accessed by having clicked view reports from the starting page.


After clicking submit, you will be redirected to table with the reports that fit the filter. There will be a link to view the report online. You can also upload a new report by clicking “Upload Report” or you can either delete or download a specific report by clicking the checkbox by the report you want and selecting an action from the dropdown bar (default is download). form3.PNG

You can delete multiple reports at a time, when delete is selected, then submitted, a popup box will confirm the deletion. You will then be redirected to enter the filter search. You can only choose one report at a time. After download is selected and submit is pressed, you will stay on the table page.

If you choose Upload Support Data, you will be taken to a form where you need to input your appliance ID as well as upload the support data.


If the upload is successful, you will be redirected to a success page, with a link to go back to the home page, otherwise an error page will generate.


test eyeglass cloud service report.txt
Andrew MacKay,
Jul 16, 2015, 11:32 AM