Eyeglass Isilon Edition 1.2 Release Notes

Eyeglass Isilon Edition 1.2 Release Notes

Supported OneFS releases

What’s New in Release 1.2

Quota support

  1. Auto created configuration replication jobs now create quota replication jobs based on any directory path protected by SyncIQ and ensure a job is ready to run manually to apply quotas after a DR event.  (note: quota’s should not be applied to target SyncIQ policies since the filesystem path is read-only).

  2. Custom configuration replication jobs allow a path to be selected and autodetect runs to detect shares/exports/quotas to replicate to a target cluster.  This custom job does not require SyncIQ policy protected paths and allows any path with with configuration data to be synchronized to a target cluster. (Note: the target cluster path must exist and any access zone must exist already).

Note: Usage Accounting - include Snapshot Data & include Data-Protection Overhead configuration not replicated

  1. Inventory tree viewer displays quotas in the tree

  2. Change management reporting supports detection of quotas (add, modify, delete)

Replicate Now option in the WebUI

All Eyeglass Jobs can now be run on-demand.  From the Jobs window, select the Job then the Select a bulk action menu and then the Run Now option.


Run Now on a single share/export configuration replication Job will initiate the complete share/export configuration replication Task which will in fact run all of the share/export configuration replication Jobs as well as the quota configuration replication Jobs that are associated to a custom share/export Job.

Export cluster configuration to syslog option licensed feature (VMware Log Insight, Splunk, Loggly)

Internet Patches/upgrades from repository – secure signed packages

Maintenance contract expiry advanced warning

Multiple cluster pair management support

Appliance Backup

Supported OneFS versions: See Release notes

Important! Eyeglass configuration replication must be between clusters with same OneFS version. Replication between different Isilon OneFS versions is not supported

Appliance Features:

1.   Automatic OS updates (monthly default)

2.   Firewall control

3.   Hardened with TLS for web and web sockets

4.   All passwords uniquely encrypted per appliance with AES256

5.   No root access requirement - processes run under service account

6.   Local login or Isilon Integrated RBAC with minimum privileges for Isilon Platform API access

7.   NTP enabled from pool.ntp.org

8.   Encrypted phone home support option for proactive support

Eyeglass Jobs Enhancements

Following enhancements have been made to Eyeglass Jobs in this release:

  1. Custom Job Definition

Custom jobs are now defined by a source path and target path.  Any shares, exports or quotas protected by the source path defined in the job will be replicated.

  1. Custom Jobs for Quotas

For custom jobs, the associated quota job (Type QUOTA) is automatically run on the same schedule as the share/export replication (unlike quota job for AUTO job which must be run on-demand manually).

  1. Edit Configuration(s)

Job configurations can only be modified within the context of the source path related to the Job.  Shares/exports/quotas cannot be added to a Job if they are outside the source path context.  For example, if the Job source path is /ifs/data/dir1 then a share related to /ifs/data/dir2 cannot be added to the Job.  

Edit Managed Devices

This release introduces support to edit properties for provisioned Isilon clusters.  To edit properties of an existing Isilon cluster:

  1. Open the Inventory View

  2. Right click on the cluster

  3. Select Edit

Note: For IP address, the update can only be to another IP address related to the same cluster - update cannot be the IP address for a different cluster.

Eyeglass Alarms Enhancements

Following enhancements have been made to Alarms in Eyeglass:

  1. Email Notification

If same alarm is generated more than once, email notification will only be sent on first occurrence.  Alarms are cleared once the error condition no longer exists. There are no emails on subsequent occurrences until the alarm is cleared.

  1. Alarm Clear

Alarm can be manually cleared from the Eyeglass web page Alarms window.

Issues Resolved in Release 1.2

899: Unable to close Manage Licenses window

Description: If you select the “Upload License” button without first selecting a license file, you will see an error that the file is required, but on closing the error the window is in the “Uploading.. Please wait.” state without a means to close the window.

Resolution: Upload button is disabled until a License file is selected.


915: Warning when deploying Eyeglass OVF


After entering URL for OVF and selecting Next, the following warning is presented: “The specified operating system identifier ” (id:83) is not supported on the selected host. It will be mapped to the following OS identifier: ‘Other Linux (64-bit)’.”

Resolution: Warning no longer displayed.


1038: Alarm window issues

Description: Alarms window has the following issues:

> Page numbers showing 0 of 0 or -49 - 0 of 0 with no option to switch between pages

Resolution: Page numbers are displayed and navigation between pages is available


1149: No properties displayed for Isilon root object in Inventory tree

Description: Properties window does not contain information such as Isilon version, GUID, make & model for the root Isilon object.

Resolution: Isilon root object now displays following properties: Type, Build, GUID, Local Serial #, Release.


1404: Update share path on source does not update existing share on the target.

Description: When shares protected by SyncIQ are setup and replicated successfully with a replication job, any changes to the target replication path for the SyncIQ policy will fail configuration replication jobs.

Resolution: Target path change is handled so replication Job is successful.

Known Issues

1462 - Export max_file_size cannot be replicated

Updated export max_file_size parameter is not replicated and replication Job fails.


896: YaST Update Manager inconsistent between recommended and optional updates

Description: Updates are listed with icon for “recommended” but appear in “optional” summary.

Workaround: None Required. Any updates from Superna are recommended and should be applied.


924: Inventory View shows + beside component when there are no more children

Description: In the Inventory View, components for which there are no children still show a “+” in the inventory tree. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed.

Workaround: None Required.


943: Inventory View not auto-refreshed

Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change.

Workaround: Close and reopen the Inventory View.


1080: New inventory may not appear in change management report for alarms

Description: Should change management report run before newly added object is discovered in inventory, there will be no associated change report associated to an alarm from that object until it is discovered by inventory.

Workaround: None available


1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service

Description: If you configure the same remote logging service twice in Eyeglass, the forwarding of logs to the logging service will fail

Workaround: Only configure 1 instance of a remote logging service.


1213: Change Management Report for all Isilon Clusters

Description: Change records for both Isilon Clusters managed on an Eyeglass appliance will be provided in a single report.

Workaround: None Available


1354: Update export path creates new export instead of updating existing one

Description: When the path for an export where only a single export is specified is modified, the Eyeglass replication Job creates a new export on the target based on the updated path and leaves the previous export on the target.  

Workaround: Manually remove the old export from the target using Isilon OneFS.


1355: Edit Job configuration to include share/export deselected from another Job causes share/export to be reselected.

Description: When you edit a Job B configuration to include share/export that had already been deselected from Job A, this causes this share/export to be reselected for Job A as well.  

Workaround: None available.  Should the share/export subsequently be deselected from Job B it should then also be manually deselected again from Job A.


1443: Eyeglass configuration replication does not account for SyncIQ Policy Excluded and Included paths

Eyeglass configuration replication Job will replicate shares and exports based on SyncIQ Policy source path.  If a SyncIQ policy Excluded or Included path has been configured, the associated Eyeglass configuration replication Job will not account for it - shares and exports replicated will be the same as for policy with no Includes or Excludes configured.  

In addition, for a SyncIQ Policy that has Excluded paths configured, if there is an existing share or export for the Excluded path it is possible that the Eyeglass configuration replication Job will fail because the associated directory will not have been created on the target by the SyncIQ job.  To prevent this error, the Eyeglass configuration replication Job can be customized to disable replication for this selected share or export.


1580: Delete and Create export within same replication cycle orphans deleted export on the target with OneFS 7.1.1.x

With OneFS 7.1.1.x, a delete and create export operation which occurs within the same replication cycle will replicate the export that was created on the next replication cycle but the export deleted on the source will not be deleted on the target.  

Workaround: Manually remove the deleted export from the target using Isilon OneFS.


1593: Job Edit Configuration window shows selections on the target instead of just on the source

For a custom Job, the Edit Configuration window incorrectly displays same configuration items on the target instead of just displaying the configuration items being replicated on the source.

Workaround: To review what configuration items are being replicated, only expand the source node in the Edit Configuration window.


1604: Test Email for Manage Email Addresses not working

The Test Email function on the Manage Email Addresses window does not issue a test email.  

Workaround: Monitor email to confirm that Eyeglass email is working.


1612: Some alarms not cleared

Alarms other than the “Replication job failed to run “ are not cleared automatically once the error condition has been resolved.

Workaround: Clear the alarm manually from the Eyeglass UI.


1625: Custom QUOTA Jobs require extra replication cycle to be deleted

In the Eyeglass Jobs window, when you delete a CUSTOM Job and then the associated QUOTA Job is not immediately deleted. It is deleted on the next replication cycle.

Workaround: None required.


1630: Quota configuration replication Job Audit failed for Quota with linked Quotas

The Eyeglass quota configuration replication Job successfully replicates a Quota that has linked Quotas, but the Audit of this job fails as the Eyeglass Audit occurs before the linked Quotas are created by OneFS on the target. This results in overall status for the Job as Error.

Workaround: Run the quota configuration replication Job a second time after linked quotas have been created (by OneFS) on the target and the audit will correctly reflect the outcome of the configuration replication task.


1639: Able to manually Run Now disabled Custom Job

Eyeglass Jobs window allows you to Run Now on a Custom Job which has been disabled. A message is displayed indicating that the Job has been queued but the share/export configuration replication Job is not run and the associated QUOTA Job is run and quotas are replicated.

Workaround: Do not Run Now for Custom Job that has been Disabled.


1641: Custom Job does not include shares/export when source or destination path configured with a trailing /

If you enter source or destination path for Eyeglass Custom Job with a trailing / (for example /ifs/data/test/ ), the Custom Job will not pick up the related shares and exports.

Workaround: Source and destination paths must be entered without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test.


1644: Replication still performed when shares/exports deselected from Custom Job

The Eyeglass Edit Configuration window will indicate that shares/exports have been deselected but deselected shares/exports will still be replicated on schedule.

Workaround: None available.


1673: Replication issues with linked Quotas

1. Eyeglass quota replication fails after Quota unlinked on source. Quota remains linked on the target.

2. Update of linked Quota fails on first replication execution. Second replication execution is successful.

3. When replicating quotas that are parents of linked quotas, the eyeglass job may show failed on the first run, even though quotas are successfully applied on the target. A second iteration of the job will clear this false error.


1. Unlink quota manually on the target.

2. Run Quota replication Job a second time.

3. Run Quota replication Job a second time.


1676: NFS export audit failure

For NFS export with multiple paths it may occur that an Eyeglass configuration replication Job succeeds but the audit incorrectly reports a failure.


From Eyeglass Inventory View or OneFS confirm that NFS export and associated properties are replicated correctly.