Eyeglass Isilon Edition 1.3 Release Notes

Supported OneFS releases

What’s New in Release 1.3

Configuration Replication

Increased Scaling Limits

Eyeglass scalability limits enhanced to support replication of up to 10,000 shares, 1,000 exports, 1,000 nfs alias and 10,000 quotas.

Zone Replication

On discovery of SyncIQ Policy, in Release 1.3 in addition to the share/export/nfs alias/quota configuration replication Jobs that are already automatically being created by Eyeglass, now a Zone configuration replication Job is created per SyncIQ policy in the case where the SyncIQ Policy protects configuration items that are not in the System Zone.

Zone configuration replication Jobs are disabled by default.  They can be enabled manually from the Eyeglass web page Jobs window in the case where automated creation and update of Zone configuration information is required.  When enabled, delete of Zone on target is also automated in the case where the Zone is deleted from the source cluster.

Zone configuration replication Jobs are not created for SyncIQ policies which protect configuration items in the System Zone.

Mobile Appliance Management

Eyeglass can now be configured to provide notification of Eyeglass alarms or events via Twitter allowing you to receive real-time status updates from any mobile phone that supports the Twitter application.  To setup Mobile Appliance Management:
1) Create a Twitter account that will be the originator for the Eyeglass notifications.

2) Create a Twitter application for Eyeglass Alarms.  

3) In Eyeglass, provision the Eyeglass Twitter user and the Eyeglass Twitter app Keys and Tokens.

Notifications are secured using Twitter’s secure Twitter feed to keep monitoring data and status private.

This feature requires an additional Eyeglass license available in Advanced and Enterprise Kits.

Enhanced Cluster Logging

Eyeglass now collects Isilon cluster events and populates them in the Eyeglass appliance syslog along with Eyeglass system alarms.  The most recent 1000 lines of the log file can be viewed from the Eyeglass web page Log View for Local Logs/Eyeglass syslog providing you with a consolidated view of events from the managed cluster and configuration replication using a single UI.  This log can also be exported to log analysis tools such as Splunk or Log Insight from Vmware.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Reporting

RPO Reporting and Trending

Eyeglass RPO Reporting and Trending feature provides:

  • Ability to set RPO targets per cluster

  • Automated recommendation on how to change replication scheduling to meet your target RPO

  • Graphing to analyze replication change rate, average replication duration and target RPO compliance over custom time period to tune your schedule and assess your business risk

  • Graph and trend age of your data in minutes per SyncIQ Policy so you know how far back you can recover your business data

  • Graph and trend GB transferred per SyncIQ policy over custom time period to help with WAN bandwidth planning

  • Daily trend report by email

    • RPO Compliance Summary over last 24 hours and last 30 days

    • RPO Recommendations for recommended SyncIQ replication interval

This feature requires an additional Eyeglass license available in Advanced and Enterprise Kits.

Cluster Configuration Report

Eyeglass now emails a full cluster html report containing key cluster settings daily at midnight to all users who have been configured for email notification.  

Use the contents of this report to automate and keep up to date the documentation of cluster configuration for DR and your DR run book.  This information is also valuable for IT planning, cluster expansion, networking and security.


Session Timeout

If the Eyeglass web page is closed or refreshed after 5 minutes, a new login will be required to re-enter the Eyeglass web page.

If the Eyeglass web page remains open, the 5 minute timer does not apply.  The session remains logged in.

Cluster Management

Folder and Configuration Migration

This feature allows you to move portions of the file system between clusters at different sites to balance the workload and distribute applications across sites

From the Eyeglass Jobs window, you create a Migration Job specifying the directory that you would like to have moved, the source cluster and target cluster.  Eyeglass identifies the subdirectories and all related shares/exports/nfs alias/quotas associated.  A specific migration SyncIQ policy is created on the source node and is run to move the data between clusters.  Eyeglass then replicates the associated configuration items to the target.  Associated quotas are also applied on the target.

On completion of the migration, a clean-up process removes migration SyncIQ policy.  The source cluster data is moved to a hidden location to be deleted once administrators have verified the data move and applications.  Shares/exports/nfs alias related to the migrated directory are deleted from the source cluster.  Quotas remain on the source cluster but are update to point to the hidden location of the files.

This feature requires an additional Eyeglass license available in the Enterprise Kit.

Eyeglass Management

Eyeglass Shell

Open an OS shell from the Eyeglass webpage to run Eyeglass scripts such as for Eyeglass Backup and Restore or to execute OS commands.

Eyeglass Backup and Restore

Eyeglass script to restore Eyeglass appliance configuration using the Eyeglass backup archive.

Eyeglass User Interface

Auto Refresh

By default following windows open in the Eyeglass web page will auto-refresh at a 10s interval:

  • Alarms Window: Active Alarms and Alarm History

  • Jobs Window: Job Definitions and Running Jobs

  • DR Dashboard.

The refresh interval can be changed or disabled using the Refresh setting bar at the top of the window.  There is also a Refresh Now button to perform an on-demand refresh.

Issues Resolved in Release 1.3

1593: Job Edit Configuration window shows selections on the target instead of just on the source

Description: For a custom Job, the Edit Configuration window incorrectly displays same configuration items on the target instead of just displaying the configuration items being replicated on the source.

Resolution: Edit Configuration window no longer displays configuration items on the target .


1604: Test Email for Manage Email Addresses not working

Description: The Test Email function on the Manage Email Addresses window does not issue a test email.

Resolution: The Test Email function now sends a test email and reports success or failure.  You also have the option after sending the test email to view the test email debug information.


1630: Quota configuration replication Job Audit failed for Quota with linked Quotas

Description: The Eyeglass quota configuration replication Job successfully replicates a Quota that has linked Quotas, but the Audit of this job fails as the Eyeglass Audit occurs before the linked Quotas are created by OneFS on the target.  This results in overall status for the Job as Error.

Resolution: Audit now succeeds for linked group / linked user quotas without running the Quota job a second time.


1714: Eyeglass configuration replication does not account for SyncIQ Policy Included paths

Description: Eyeglass configuration replication Job will replicate shares and exports based on SyncIQ Policy source path.  If a SyncIQ policy Included path has been configured, the associated Eyeglass configuration replication Job will not account for it - shares and exports replicated will be the same as for policy with no Includes.

Resolution: Eyeglass configuration replication now takes SyncIQ Policy Included paths into account


1976: Overlapping Replication Tasks generate Critical Alarm

Description:  By default, Eyeglass tries to start the Configuration Replication task every 5 minutes.  When the replication task for your Eyeglass system takes longer than 5 minutes such that a replication task is in progress when the next scheduled task begins a Critical Eyeglass system alarm is raised.  This is not a Critical condition as the scheduled task will run correctly once the previous task has completed.

Resolution: The overlapping replication task now generates a Warning alarm with source ‘Configuration Replication’ and Description ‘A scheduled task was unable to run as there as another instance already running’.  The severity of this alarm is Warning.  Note that Warning level alarms are not sent by email.


Known Issues

1462 - Export max_file_size cannot be replicated

Updated export max_file_size parameter is not replicated and replication Job fails.


896: YaST Update Manager inconsistent between recommended and optional updates

Description: Updates are listed with icon for “recommended” but appear in “optional” summary.

Workaround: None Required. Any updates from Superna are recommended and should be applied.


924: Inventory View shows + beside component when there are no more children

Description: In the Inventory View, components for which there are no children still show a “+” in the inventory tree. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed.

Workaround: None Required.


943: Inventory View not auto-refreshed

Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change.

Workaround: Use the Refresh Now button or close and reopen the Inventory View.


1080: New inventory may not appear in change management report for alarms

Description: Should change management report run before newly added object is discovered in inventory, there will be no associated change report associated to an alarm from that object until it is discovered by inventory.

Workaround: None available


1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service

Description: If you configure the same remote logging service twice in Eyeglass, the forwarding of logs to the logging service will fail

Workaround: Only configure 1 instance of a remote logging service.


1213: Change Management Report for all Isilon Clusters

Description: Change records for both Isilon Clusters managed on an Eyeglass appliance will be provided in a single report.

Workaround: None Available


1354: Update export path creates new export instead of updating existing one

Description: When the path for an export where only a single export is specified is modified, the Eyeglass replication Job creates a new export on the target based on the updated path and leaves the previous export on the target.  

Workaround: Manually remove the old export from the target using Isilon OneFS.


1355: Edit Job configuration to include share/export deselected from another Job causes share/export to be reselected.

Description: When you edit a Job B configuration to include share/export that had already been deselected from Job A, this causes this share/export to be reselected for Job A as well.  

Workaround: None available.  Should the share/export subsequently be deselected from Job B it should then also be manually deselected again from Job A.


1580: Delete and Create export within same replication cycle orphans deleted export on the target with OneFS 7.1.1.x

With OneFS 7.1.1.x, a delete and create export operation which occurs within the same replication cycle will replicate the export that was created on the next replication cycle but the export deleted on the source will not be deleted on the target.  

Workaround: Manually remove the deleted export from the target using Isilon OneFS.


1612: Some alarms not cleared

Alarms other than the “Replication job failed to run “ are not cleared automatically once the error condition has been resolved.

Workaround: Clear the alarm manually from the Eyeglass UI.


1625: Custom QUOTA Jobs require extra replication cycle to be deleted

In the Eyeglass Jobs window, when you delete a CUSTOM Job and then the associated QUOTA Job is not immediately deleted.  It is deleted on the next replication cycle.

Workaround: None required.


1639: Able to manually Run Now disabled Custom Job

Eyeglass Jobs window allows you to Run Now on a Custom Job which has been disabled.  A message is displayed indicating that the Job has been queued but the share/export configuration replication Job is not run and the associated QUOTA Job is run and quotas are replicated.

Workaround: Do not Run Now for Custom Job that has been Disabled.


1641: Custom Job does not include shares/export when source or destination path configured with a trailing /

If you enter source or destination path for Eyeglass Custom Job with a trailing / (for example /ifs/data/test/ ), the Custom Job will not pick up the related shares and exports.

Workaround: Source and destination paths must be entered without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test.


1644: Replication still performed when shares/exports de-selected from Custom Job

The Eyeglass Edit Configuration window will indicate that shares/exports have been deselected but deselected shares/exports will still be replicated on schedule.

Workaround: None available.


1788: Delete of unlinked user quota on source may not delete matching quota on the target

Attempting a quota replication after deleting an unlinked user quota may fail to delete the quota on the target with a Job status of success but an Audit failure.

Workaround: Deleted quota manually deleted on the target.


1789: Able to select shares/exports/quotas outside job path after deselected

After a share/export/quota has been deselected from an Eyeglass Job, it can be re-selected for a different Job even if it is outside the Job path.  As a result, the Job may have  an error for these share/export/quota due to path not found error.

Workaround: Do not customize Eyeglass configuration replication Job and select share/export/quota that are outside the Job path.


1887: Multiple SyncIQ policies associated with same Zone will result in transient error on Eyeglass Zone replication creation

Where there are multiple SyncIQ policies which are associated to the same zone and Eyeglass configuration replication is being used to create the zone on the target, the first Zone replication job will succeed, but subsequent Zone replication jobs for the same Zone will fail with the message “Zone ‘<zone name>’ already exists”.

Workaround: None required.  Error will be cleared on subsequent configuration replication cycle.


1906: Add New Job window does not close after Submit

After you submit a new custom Eyeglass Job, the Add New Job window does not close even though the Job has been submitted.

Workaround: None required.  Do not submit again as another Job with same properties will be created.  Close the window and check in the Jobs window that the Job has been created.


1924: Quotas on excluded SyncIQ directory are selected for replication

Eyeglass quota job includes quotas related to excluded SyncIQ directories.  If quota job is run, it will typically fail due to path not found.

Workaround: Customize Quota Job and deselect quotas for excluded directories.


1963: Cluster Configuration Report missing some info

Shares, exports, alias in Zones other than the System Zone are not included in the Cluster Configuration report.

Workaround: None required.


1998: Custom Eyeglass configuration replication Job does not have an associated Zone replication Job

When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, an associated Zone replication Job is not created.

Workaround: Zone must be created manually or already exist on the target cluster in order for Eyeglass configuration replication to succeed.


2004: Custom Quota Job is incorrectly listed in the Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window

When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, the associated Quota replication Job is created and incorrectly listed under Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window.  Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run.

Workaround: None required.  Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run.


2005: Jobs window Jobs Definition tab does not update after navigating to the Running Jobs tab

After initiating a “Run Now” from the Jobs Definition window, if you go to the Running Jobs tab and then back to the Jobs Definition window, the Jobs Definition window may continually display a “Loading…” message.

Workaround: Use the Refresh Now button to update the Jobs Definition window to the current view.


2007: Job error after deleting quota

After running Quota Job and successfully replicating quota to target, if quota is deleted and Quota Job is run again the Quota is successfully deleted from the target but the Quota Job has Error status.

Workaround: None required - quota is deleted.


2016: Able to run disabled Zone replication Job

From the Eyeglass Jobs / Job Definition window you can use Run Now to run a disabled Zone job.  The Job is attempted, but nothing is in fact replicated and once completed the Job shows an error.

Workaround: None available.


2038: Create alias results in temporary error

When an nf alias is replicated to the target, the initial create leaves Job in Error state with  related alarm " Alias <alias name> already exists on this zone"

Workaround: None required.  Next replication cycle clears the error.


2042: Zone job for export picks up wrong zone

For the case where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters and has exports and shares in multiple zones, it may occur that the configuration replication Job identifies incorrect Zone in Zone configuration replication Job resulting in an Error state for that Zone replication Job.

Workaround: None required.  Shares and exports are replicated as expected.


2043: Configuration replication job has error after zone is deleted

For the case where Zone related to a Configuration Replication Job is deleted on the source, the Zone and associated configuration items are successfully deleted on the target, but the Configuration Replication job remains in Error state.

Workaround: None required.  Shares and exports are deleted as expected.


2045: Edit Configuration for Custom Job has multiple source cluster selected where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters

For the case where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters, it may occur that the Edit Configuration view incorrect.

Workaround: None required.  Shares and exports are replicated as expected.


2046: Job Edit Configuration view has the wrong parent selected

For the case where a configuration replication job contained a configuration items and the last configuration item is deleted - after the configuration item is deleted, the parent in the Edit Configuration view continues to be selected for the Job even though when you expand the tree there are correctly no children selected.

Workaround: None required.


2047: Exports are not selected in Preview Configuration for Directory Migration job

Create Directory migration job where exports are associated with the directory being migrated.  Open the Preview Configuration window and the related exports are not displayed.

Workaround: None required. Export although not displayed is replicated to the target cluster as part of the Directory Migration Job.


2049: Delete Zone does not delete associated configuration items on target for custom Jobs and auto jobs with disabled zone Job

Create Directory migration job where exports are associated with the directory being migrated.  Open the Preview Configuration window and the related exports are not displayed.

Workaround: None required. Export although not displayed is replicated to the target cluster as part of the Directory Migration Job.


2113: Maximum number of QUOTA Type replication Jobs that can be run simultaneously is 2

Running more than 2 QUOTA Type replication jobs simultaneously may cause your Eyeglass system to become unresponsive.

Workaround: When running QUOTA Type replication Jobs, only select maximum of 2 at a time to Run Now. Wait until those Jobs show as completed in the Running Jobs window before initiating another QUOTA Type replication Job.