Eyeglass Isilon Edition 1.1 Release Notes

Eyeglass Isilon Edition Release Notes

Release 1.1

Support matrix of OneFS releases

896: YaST Update Manager inconsistent between recommended and optional updates

Description: Updates are listed with icon for “recommended” but appear in “optional” summary.

Workaround: None Required. Any updates from Superna are recommended and should be applied.


899: Unable to close Manage Licenses window

Description: If you select the “Upload License” button without first selecting a license file, you will see an error that file is required, but on closing the error the window is in the “Uploading.. Please wait.” state without a means to close the window.

Workaround: Selecting the ESC button on your computer keyboard will close the window.


915: Warning when deploying Eyeglass OVF


After entering URL for OVF and selecting Next, the following warning is presented: “The specified operating system identifier ” (id:83) is not supported on the selected host. It will be mapped to the following OS identifier: ‘Other Linux (64-bit)’.”

Workaround: None Required. Select “Yes” to continue.


924: Inventory View shows + beside component when there are no more children

Description: In the Inventory View, components for which there are no children still show a “+” in the inventory tree. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed.

Workaround: None Required.



943: Inventory View not auto-refreshed

Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change.

Workaround: Close and reopen the Inventory View.


1038: Alarm window issues

Description: Alarms window has the following issues:

> Page numbers showing 0 of 0 or -49 - 0 of 0 with no option to switch between pages

Workaround: None available


1080: New inventory may not appear in change management report for alarms

Description: Should change management report run before newly added object is discovered in inventory, there will be no associated change report associated to an alarm from that object until it is discovered by inventory.

Workaround: None available



1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service

Description: If you configure the same remote logging service twice in Eyeglass, the forwarding of logs to the logging service will fail

Workaround: Only configure 1 instance of a remote logging service.


1149: No properties displayed for Isilon root object in Inventory tree

Description: Properties window does not contain information such as Isilon version, GUID, make & model for the root Isilon object.

Workaround: None Available



1213: Change Management Report for all Isilon Clusters

Description: Change records for both Isilon Clusters managed on an Eyeglass appliance will be provided in a single report.

Workaround: None Available



1354: Update export path creates new export instead of updating existing one

Description: When the path for an export is modified, the Eyeglass replication Job creates a new export on the target based on the updated path and leaves the previous export on the target.

Workaround: Manually remove the old export from the target using Isilon OneFS.



1355: Edit Job configuration to include share/export deselected from another Job causes share/export to be reselected.

Description: When you edit a Job B configuration to include share/export that had already been deselected from Job A, this causes this share/export to be reselected for Job A as well.

Workaround: None available.  Should the share/export subsequently be deselected from Job B it should then also be manually deselected again from Job A.



1404: Update share path on source does not update existing share on the target.

Description: When shares protected by SyncIQ are setup and replicated successfully with a replication job, any changes to the target replication path for the SyncIQ policy will fail configuration replication jobs.

Workaround: Manually edit the share path on the target to match the SyncIQ policy.  Replication Job will apply any updates (other than path) as required.



1443: Eyeglass configuration replication does not account for SyncIQ Policy Excluded and Included paths

Eyeglass configuration replication Job will replicate shares and exports based on SyncIQ Policy source path.  If a SyncIQ policy Excluded or Included path has been configured, the associated Eyeglass configuration replication Job will not account for it - shares and exports replicated will be the same as for policy with no Includes or Excludes configured.  

In addition, for a SyncIQ Policy that has Excluded paths configured, if there is an existing share or export for the Excluded path it is possible that the Eyeglass configuration replication Job will fail because the associated directory will not have been created on the target by the SyncIQ job.  To prevent this error, the Eyeglass configuration replication Job can be customized to disable replication for this selected share or export.



1563: Eyeglass Inventory View does not display the User Mapping Rules for Zones

In the Eyeglass Inventory View, the Zone User Mapping Rules are not displayed.—————————————————–


1566: Eyeglass configuration replication Job audit does not account for NFS export user/group mappings

The Eyeglass post configuration replication Job audit does not include comparison of the NFS export user/group mappings on the source and target.  In the case where a replication Job fails due to an issue in this configuration, the overall Job status will be failed but the Audit status will incorrectly say SUCCESS.—————————————————–