4 Hour Consulting Block

Eyeglass Service Descriptions

Part number “SEL 4 hour block Dr Plan Hours - eyeglass-B4-2”

4 Hour Consulting Block - Requires authorized SOW by Superna Sales.

  1. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW terms on this page.

  2. Terms and Conditions of service includes http://documentation.superna.net/eyeglass-isilon-edition/eyeglass-services/terms-and-conditions-of-services   

  3. Service Delivery: Remote webex

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT excluding major holidays

  4. Availability: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM EDT to 6:00 PM EDT, excluding holidays And weekends

  5. Service Description:  This service is used for any service that requires customization that deviates from our standard service offerings.   This part can not be used without approval of a quote or BOM.  This part is not for custom SOW services, these are not offered.  


  • Eyeglass is installed

   Exceptions excluded from hours usage:

  • Outage or issue resolution, recovery of any kind

  • On site or remote  assistance of any kind with Isilon migration or DR steps.  Customers are expected to execute all design or planning steps documented from services.

  • Is not a substitute for existing DR design services

  • Not supported as custom request for assistance unless authorized with SOW by Superna sales.

  • Customers are expected to dry any procedures that are applicable to their environment, network, applications and internally processes

  • Assisted DR hands on or remote or procedural assistance of any kind in a production environment

  • Not a substitute for customer developed procedural run books, (runbooks are step by step, command leave documents, and include external application procedures to validate DR end to end,  This service is an input to a customer runbook creation using best practices document deliverable)

  1. Work Flow

    1. Pre-purchased:

      1. Send an email to service@superna.net to request the quantity of hours estimate for a request. If the request is authorized. A statement of work will be provided for execution.