Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Installation Quick Start Service Description

Eyeglass Service Descriptions

Part number “SEL Basic - EyeGlass Isilon D&I Ent - eyeglass-DI01 OR eyeglass-DI02

Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Installation Quick Start Service Description


This service is designed for customers who have a need for rapid deployment and knowledge transfer on monitoring, troubleshooting and basic operations of Eyeglass in a DR implementation.

  • Service Delivery: Remote WebEx

  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30 EDT

  • Terms and Conditions of service includes   

  • Exclusions:

    • This service is included in product purchase and IS NOT a replacement for advanced services that include DR design and failover training and knowledge transfer

    • Installation Technicians are not authorized to provide design recommendations, initiate failover operations OR make material cluster configuration changes that can compromise cluster data availability.    

    • NOTE:  Installation Technician will defer all known install questions to post sales team.

  • Eyeglass for Isilon - Deployment  and Implementation Quick Start Service - WebEx


  • Eyeglass Isilon Basic Installation Service Questionnaire Form completed located here

  • Schedule service installation here

Eyeglass Installation Quick Start Service:

This service includes the following:

  1. Eyeglass for Isilon Installation - Remote Install with customer via WebEx meeting to accomplish the following

    1. Gather site installation requirements from checklist

    2. Gather DR planning requirements and shares with SyncIQ policies details from customer

    3. Install appliance on VMware host

    4. If Eyeglass previously installed for Eyeglass trial, reset system to factory default removing trial configuration.

    5. License Eyeglass with transaction number and appliance ID

    6. Sync Cluster configuration inventory (add clusters)

    7. Select additional application shares, exports for custom sync job creation that fall outside SyncIQ policies

    8. Verify correct job creation and successful sync

    9. Run appliance backup

    10. Configure email for alarms and change report

      1. Test and verify  email

    11. Configure phone home support

      1. Test phone home is successful  

    12. Installation Completed

  1. Knowledge Transfer Session - WebEx

    1. Review installation, and operating procedure to monitor the system replication status, overall DR status, inventory status.

    2. Review monitoring tools email, twitter, logging export to log analysis tools

    3. Review online help system for errors within Eyeglass webui

    4. Provide installation summary document and system acceptance test results

    5. Review appliance backup

    6. Review appliance restore procedure

    7. Review Eyeglass CLI and capabilities

    8. Walk through support account enrollment, knowledge base access, feature request process

Acceptance Agreement

We understand a signed copy of this document will give Superna the authority to arrange resources on our behalf.  This is a pre-paid service with no additional fees and fixed scope. Service will be handled with reasonable effort based on resource availability and management discretion. Superna Inc  and Superna LLC Terms and Conditions for shall govern the services provided under this Quotation.

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