Configuration Migration Service

Eyeglass Service Description and SOW

Isilon Cluster Configuration Migration Service

  1. Overview:  This service is designed to assist a customers with moving configuration data (shares, exports, nfs aliases, and quotas) between clusters on supported Eyeglass Onefs releases
    1. Typically used to assist with decommissioning a cluster and migrating to a new cluster.  Please note the actual data migration steps and planning is a customer responsibility. The service assists with migration of cluster configuration data (shares, exports, quotas) and changing the path on the configuration sync if required on the new cluster.  This is useful when consolidating data and configuration onto a single larger cluster.
    2. Access Zone splitting is a feature planned to be supported to move configuration data between access zones or into new access zones form system access zone.
    3. Un-Supported OneFS releases require custom quote
  2. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW terms on this page.
  3. Terms and Conditions of service includes   
  4. Service Delivery: Remote webex
    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT excluding major holidays
    2. Exclusions:
      1. Service hours explicitly prohibit assisting with migration of cluster data, this is assumed to be customer responsibility.
      2. Exceptions: 5 Cluster maximum coverage per service


    • Does include Installation of Eyeglass tool required to inventory cluster configuration and temporary license for the duration of the project
    • The installation questionnaire is available here and is needed to install the data collection appliance before discovery can be scheduled for the virtual appliance on vmware
    • Schedule service booking date here 
  1. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW on this page.

  2. Service Delivery: Remote webex

  3. Availability: M-F 8:00 to 6:00 EDT

  4. Collection phase: Customer interview to collect:

  5. a) configuration sync requirements
    b) configuration count
  6. Assessment phase - Customer cluster reports are analyzed for migration

    1. Share, export, quota paths are verified

    2. SyncIQ if installed is assessed for any issues on target cluster pre migration

    3. Eyeglass job and sync plan developed

  7. Document phase: document plan to migrate and provide to customer for review

  8. Test plan phase: If required test migrations done at Superna Data Center pre-scheduled migration day

  9. Scheduling: Schedule migration day with customer as per operating hours above.

  10. Execute migration plan phase: Via Webex jointly with customer execute the configuration migration plan from above.

  11. Reporting phase: document summary of execution

  12. Project Finished