Services - Superna ™ Eyeglass IsilonSD DR Best Practice and Remote Site Quick Start

Superna Eyeglass Service Description

Part number eyeglass-P032

Services - Superna ™ Eyeglass IsilonSD DR Best Practice and Remote Site Quick Start

This service ensures  customers understand all the best practices to achieve  DR readiness with IsilonSD  and Superna Eyeglass. Provides training on operational steps to failover, planning process, and recovery from failures training for controlled and uncontrolled failovers.  Designs remote site implementation steps to configure edge clusters to be managed by Eyeglass, knowledge transfer on site management, configuration management, monitoring and DR procedures for hub and spoke Edge to Core deployments.

Recommended For: For customers that prefer to have Superna Professional Services recommend a design.

  1. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW terms on this page.

  2. Terms and Conditions of service includes   

  3. Access Requirements: None required to customer site or equipment, webex training and review of procedures shown via webex meetings

  4. Service Delivery: Remote webex

    1. Exclusions:

      1. Service operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT excluding major holidays

      2. Can not be used on customer equipment for training steps or procedures and uses Superna Data center for operational failover training and operations.

      3. Not a live DR service or support function for administration  operations

      4. Not a substitute for customer developed procedural run books, (runbooks are step by step, command level documents, and include external application procedures to validate DR end to end)

      5. Demonstration of  Isilon and eyeglass configuration will be implemented, how to demonstration of external software DNS, Active Directory changes will shown

      6. Exceptions: 10 Edge Clusters and 1 central core data center Isilon design and assistance on configuration coverage, Quantity 1 of the 4 block of hours for each each additional site + cluster as part of the service.


  • Installed Superna  Eyeglass appliance  

  • Customer technical contact to answer questions about IsilonSD, AD, DNS, networking, host access to shares or exports

  • IT admin knowledge of  DNS or Active Directory and DFS admin teams when required for DNS, AD and DFS configuration changes are required, NFS linux environment, IsilonSD hands on knowledge

  • NOTE: DFS implementation in Active Directory for Edge to Core site failover

Superna Supplied Project Tools

  1. dedicated Web based project management site for updates, status, document sharing and permanent archive of the project deliverables, shared by Superna.

  2. Webex account for screen sharing training sessions recorded for customer usage

  1. Collection Phase - DR Design and Implementation

    1. Collect Failover objectives from customer

    2. Collect Applications list that mounts the cluster configuration

      1. SMB applications

        1. DFS deployment instructions

    3. Collect configuration reports from superna eyeglass for each cluster

    4. Collect WAN link information (speed, per link)

    5. Collect business objective for RPO (data exposure in minutes/hours per cluster)

    6. Data protection - SyncIQ  design Automated by Eyeglass

    7. Collect SyncIQ replication policy schedule preferences

      1. Make changes to ensure best practices (may require DNS updates)

      2. Source restrict setup on edge clusters with IP pool dedicated to SyncIQ

    8. Collect Smartconnect Zone plan for DFS edge to core

      1. Setup edge to Core names for simplified DFS failover, name DFS target path names by site name or number.

    9. Collect Authentication provider usage and AD domains for edge to core sites

    10. Collect Access zone usage - Eyeglass IsilonSD auto deployed

    11. Collect DNS settings per edge site cluster

    12. Collect Core to Edge latency with ping to set HTTP timeout in Eyeglass

    13. Collect Active Directory information (domain name, machine account names and access zone mapping) - Eyeglass report

  2. DR Design and How to configuration Training  and Validation

    1. Recommend failover solution presented to customer based on Collection phase

      1. Note: Requires DFS mode enabled with Eyeglass

    2. Demonstrate and walk through the configuration steps to build DFS failover edge to core with automated policy creation.

      1. Policy setup

    3. Validation of setup with eyeglass, execute failover and failback operations and cluster best practices documentation review and procedure on the cluster in superna data center.

  3. Edge to Core Design and Configure RunBook Robot Access Zone Failover Automation

    1. Design an Access Zone for Run Book Robot feature to implement daily failover and failover for DR Readiness

    2. Execute in the customer clusters with provided ip address for new IP pool for continuous DR test setup.

    3. Execute Robot Zone failover testing

  4. Monitoring Configuration :

    1. Set up centralized monitoring of cluster events and DR status data (Notification Center)

  5. Operations Training :

    1. Add new site and cluster

    2. Sync config changes to edge clusters

    3. Config management edge sites

    4. RPO monitoring edge sites

  6. Failover Planning and Operations Training :

    1. checklist for DR failover planning guide review

    2. Steps to failover based on DR planning guide execution shown in  superna data center (can not be shown on customer equipment for liability reasons)

      1. Demonstration of steps via webex superna data center

      2. Monitoring failover operations, within eyeglass, on IsilonSD cluster, log analysis covered

      3. Failover recovery from failed steps decision tree review

      4. Controlled failover

      5. Uncontrolled failover (Real DR event)

  7. Completed

    1. Hand off summary document with links to design documentation required to manage and maintain DR Readiness

      1. Summary of site configuration diagram

        1. Smartconnect per site

        2. Policy per site

        3. Template configuration data

        4. Monitoring configuration summary

      2. DR building blocks Guide - How to expand the system

      3. Planning links and checklist

Terms Acceptance Agreement

We understand a signed copy of this document will give Superna the authority to arrange resources on your behalf to complete the service.  This service is flat rate prepaid with no additional fees.   Service will be handled with reasonable effort based on resource availability and management discretion. Superna Business consulting and Superna LLC Terms and Conditions for shall govern the services provided under this Quotation.

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