Services - Eyeglass Advanced DR Assessment and Design 3 Day

Eyeglass Service Description and SOW

Advanced - Eyeglass Isilon DR Assessment and Design Service Description- 3 day

  1. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW terms on this page.
  2. Service Delivery: Remote webex
    1. Exclusions:
      1. Does not include installation services which are purchased separately
      2. Service operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT excluding major holidays
      3. Not a live DR service or support function
      4. Not a substitute for customer developed procedural run books, (runbooks are step by step, command leave documents, and include external application procedures to validate DR end to end, This service is an input to a customer runbook creation using best practices document deliverable)
      5. Exceptions: 2 Cluster maximum design coverage
  3. Description: This service is targeting customer who have purchased Advanced kits or Enterprise kits and need their Isilon DR solution assessed for successful DR implementation with Eyeglass features available in the above kits. The service includes the base installation service.


    • The Advanced questionnaire is available here
    • Schedule service booking date here 
    • Not supported for actual DR activities on production clusters
    • Only test Access zone or policies will be used
  1. Eyeglass for Isilon Additional Install Configuration:
      1. Run Book Robot configuration and execute an automated robot failover and failback
      2. Recovery Point Objective SyncIQ data collection validation of cluster RPO targets (requires existing SyncIQ policies)
  2. DR Assessment Information Collection Phase (questionnaire form)
    1. Collect cluster replication topology (Hot/Cold or Hot/Hot)
    2. Collect configuration reports from Eyeglass for each cluster
    3. Collect WAN link information (speed, per link)
    4. Collect business objective for RPO (data exposure in minutes/hours per cluster)
    5. Collect data set break down for replication (overview of data type)
    6. Collect SyncIQ replication policies , schedules per policy
    7. Collect Smartconnect Zones configuration and usage (from Cluster report)
    8. Collect configuration data usage SMB, NFS, Quota usage description
      1. Collect Authentication provider usage
    9. Collect Access zone usage and plans
    10. Collect DNS vendor and solution
    11. Collect Smartconnect failover desired usage (requires IP network and smartconnect usage described)
    12. Collect Active Directory information (domain name, machine account names and access zone mapping)
  3. DR Design Plan Documentation Deliverable:
    1. Document describes a per cluster configuration to ensure the following design criteria is meet for a robust DR plan:
      1. Best practice for simplified Failover and Failback Access Zone design with diagram
      2. Simplified Smartconnect zone failover over with diagram for SMB and NFS requirements
      3. Active Directory Authentication considerations with Kerberos and Service principal names
      4. How to grow application usage and achieve simplified DR failover per Access Zone
        1. Covers Hot/Cold Access Zone failover
        2. Covers Hot/Hot same zone Migration procedural steps to dual Access Zone Eyeglass requirements
      5. DNS Considerations with smartconnect configuration
  4. Knowledge Transfer on Advanced DR workflows with Eyeglass
      1. Runbook Robot automated DR testing configuration and considerations
      2. RPO reporting report review and best practice usage of DR
      3. How to Failover and Failback procedural steps overview
        1. Considerations for post failover or planned failback