Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Easy Auditor Auditing Best Practices

Eyeglass Service Description

Part number “SEL-EyeGlass Auditing Best Practices - eyeglass-P017

Revision 1 Dec 28, 2017

Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Easy Auditor Security Assessment


This service is designed for customers who have deployed Superna Eyeglass Easy Auditor and need an assessment of there IT NAS environment for audit best practices to audit   

  • Scope: Covers a Eyeglass Easy Auditor

  • Service Delivery: Remote WebEx

  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30 EDT

  • Terms and Conditions of service in Appendix A

  • Exclusions:

    • Hands on changes to external IT components example DNS, Isilon, Active Directory or other non Superna supplied products.

    • Security changes to any infrastructure

    • Service delivery requires customer to have hands on knowledge of all external IT components.


  • Eyeglass DR Edition is installed already

  • Easy Auditor Installed and configured or purchased installation service for Easy Auditor

  • Schedule service installation here

Phase I - Data Collection: - Interview

The following tasks will be completed in this phase:

  1. Customer Interview - WebEx

    1. Identify audit requirements and objectives.

    2. Identify compliance regulations requirements (HIPPA)

    3. Identify security use case requirements for customer environment (limited to 5 use cases)

  2. Design Phase - document deliverable

    1. Design document that outlines how to configure easy Auditor for each objective

      1. Review Isilon HIPPA compliance control audit configuration

      2. Use case easy Auditor configurations and instructions on how to configure and monitor

  3. Implement/Testing Phase - webex

    1. Review Design document

      1. Schedule implementation call to apply configuration for each use case

      2. Test each use case to verify results and how to interpret the results

    2. Knowledge Transfer Phase - webex

      1. Review results from use case testing results to verify the criteria for each use case is met

      2. Wrap up Service Delivery

This Service Description is an agreement between the company receiving the Service identified below (“you or “Company”) and Superna, LLC (“Superna”), pursuant to which Superna agrees to provide certain professional services in connection with your use of the Superna Eyeglass® software (the “Licensed Product”).  This Service Description is subject to the terms of the Superna Eyeglass Software License and Support Agreement , and Exhibit B attached thereto (the “Agreement”) the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference.  

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