Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Ransomware Defender Installation and Config Service Description

Eyeglass Service Description

Part number “SEL-EyeGlass Ransomware Basic Install - eyeglass-P016

Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Ransomware Defender Installation and Config Service Description v1

  1. Service Description:  This service is targeting customers who have a need to deploy Superna Eyeglass Ransomware defender and need installation and configuration assistance.   

    1. Scope: Covers a single clustered Eyeglass installation and configuration, with up to 4 collocated same site Clusters.

  2. Service Delivery: Remote webex

  3. Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30 EDT

  4. Terms and Conditions of service includes   

  5. Exclusions:

    1. Installation Technicians are not authorized to provide design recommendations, for DR features.    

    2. NOTE: Installation Technician will defer all of these questions to pre or post sales discussions


  • Eyeglass DR Edition is installed already

  • Ransomware Defender Install check list form has been submitted located here

  • Schedule service installation here

  1. Eyeglass Ransomware Defender Install Phase  - Remote Install with customer via web meeting to accomplish the following:

    1. Gather site installation requirements from submitted form for review

    2. Identify VM deployment option:

      1. 1 physical ESX host and 3 VM’s (lowest HA option)

      2. 3 physical hosts and 1 VM per host (highest HA option)

    3. Deploy OVA (vcenter administrator required)

      1. Require 3 VM ip addresses

      2. Require Eyeglass IP address

      3. Require open ports between Agent and Eyeglass,  Agent and cluster as per installation guide

      4. Require Access Zone (HDFS enabled) to be created for Agent database

      5. Create IP pool with at least 2 or 3 nodes in the IP pool and 2 to 3 IP addresses

    4. Install OVA with above pre-requisites

    5. Test connectivity ip and ports between components (Eyeglass, Agent and cluster)

    6. Installation Completed

  1. Configuration Phase - webex

    1. Apply License to Eyeglass

      1. Verify license

    2. Edit configuration file on agent startup (api token created in Eyeglass)

    3. Startup clustered agent code

      1. Validate correct startup

      2. Validate DB create on HDFS Access Zone

      3. Validate Service heartbeat in Eyeglass

      4. Validate shutdown and restart of cluster success

    4. Configure CEE on Isilon to audit files in HDFS Access Zone for testing phase

      1. Enter 3 x CEE end points on Isilon

      2. Verify CEE heartbeat on agent

  2. Test Phase - webex

    1. Create test trigger file on Access zone path

      1. Verify detected as event in Eyeglass

      2. Verify signal table count and scan

    2. Demonstrate load tool usage

      1. Start, stop

      2. Parameters

    3. Enable monitor baseline mode

    4. Enable CEE auditing on production access zone

      1. Verify monitor node watermark stats are updating

  3. Knowledge Transfer Phase

    1. How to enable production mode

    2. How to use ECACTL CLI and key command troubleshooting

    3. UI walk through ransomware

      1. Settings

      2. Tuning

      3. Statistics

      4. Healthcheck

      5. Licensing

Acceptance Agreement

We understand a signed copy of this document will give Superna the authority to arrange resources on our behalf.  This is a pre-paid service with no additional fees and fixed scope. Service will be handled with reasonable effort based on resource availability and management discretion. Superna Business consulting and Superna LLC Terms and Conditions for shall govern the services provided under this Quotation.

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