Services - Services - Superna ™ Eyeglass DR Event Audit Planning &, Failover training Service Description

Eyeglass Service Description SOW

Part number “SEL-EyeGlass DR Plan-Audit-v2 - eyeglass-P012 QTY 1”

Revision 1 Dec 28, 2017

Services - Superna ™ Eyeglass DR Event Audit Planning &, Failover training

  1. Overview:  This service is designed to assist a customer with a scheduled DR failover, by providing an  audit checklist of best practices and execution plan and preparation.  In addition, customers receive hands on failover & recovery  training procedures.

    1. Best Practices checklist of the customer environment and DR failover plan submitted by the customer

    2. Allows remote hands on training to the tools and processes to execute procedures for the purpose of a customer documenting and training operations staff.

    3. Knowledge transfer on failover operations, procedures, planning, recovery.

    4. Audit Pass or Fail with remediation list document for customer to complete.

    5. Remediation checklist review meetings (2)

  2. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW terms on this page.  

  3. Terms and Conditions of service in Appendix A  

  4. Service Delivery: Remote webex

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT excluding major holidays

    2. Exclusions:

      1. Not an implementation service (see companion services for implementation)

      2. Not a live DR service or support function, not to be used as support service for procedures on production equipment

      3. Not a substitute for customer developed procedural run books, (runbooks are step by step, command leave documents, and include external application procedures to validate DR end to end,  This service is an input to a customer runbook creation using best practices document deliverable)

      4. Exceptions: 2 Cluster maximum audit coverage


    • Eyeglass Isilon Advanced Installation Service Questionnaire Form completed

    • The installation questionnaire is available here

    • The Advanced questionnaire is available here

    • Schedule service booking date here

    • Planning and Audit design only available day time hours as per above

    • Not supported for actual DR activities on production clusters

    • Superna Lab Only

  1. Purchase Order: A valid purchase order for services is acceptance of the SOW on this page.

  2. Service Delivery: Remote webex

  3. Availability: M-F 8:00 to 6:00 EDT

  4. Collection phase: Customer interview to collect: Access DR needs RTO, RPO volume of data, number of clusters, wan links, bandwidth  and latency requirements and availability, applications used with Isilon cluster

  5. Assessment phase - Customer clusters and critical business applications utilizing the Isilon

    1. Covers host profiles (OS types, application types)

    2. Covers access zone and DFS mode failover assessment (AD, DNS, Isilon, Eyeglass)

    3. Accesses existing syncIQ policies for best practise failover and failback.

      1. Avoid common issues that impact failovers from the experts, clean up orphaned policies snapshots that will impact failover success

      2. Policy design assessment to business objectives

    4. Subnets and pools and smartconnect zone configuration (DNS and Access zone mappings coverage)

      1. Smartconnect excludes and includes with DNS

    5. Assess appliance Dr setup warm or active setup

    6. Failover execution plan

      1. Assess DR process in place via customer interview to identify major systems (file and block applications) document a map to current eyeglass workflow logic

    7. Access monitoring tools in place on critical infrastructure and cluster and application  monitoring tools (for integrating Eyeglass monitoring alerts to customer backend systems)

  1. Document phase: document customer needs in a template document based on phase 1 and 2 data collection.

    1. Checklist data collection

  2. Test plan phase: develop test plan for pre failover execution knowledge transfer SMB, NFS

  3. Live Webex test case execution and knowledge transfer phase:  

    1. Jointly execute failover in test access zone runbook robot setup

  4. Reporting phase:

    1. Checklist pass fail with remediation

    2. WebEx review call for customer to complete remediation steps

    3. Final Failed checklist WebEx  item review call follow up call

This Service Description is an agreement between the company receiving the Service identified below (“you or “Company”) and Superna, LLC (“Superna”), pursuant to which Superna agrees to provide certain professional services in connection with your use of the Superna Eyeglass® software (the “Licensed Product”).  This Service Description is subject to the terms of the Superna Eyeglass Software License and Support Agreement , and Exhibit B attached thereto (the “Agreement”) the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference.  

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