Eyeglass Backup and Restore

Eyeglass Backup

Note: Eyeglass backup/restore process that can be used to move to a new appliance and restore license keys that were applied to the previous appliance.   This is the only supported method to move to a new appliance.   If a new appliance is deployed and no backup was taken on the previous appliance, then a support case must be opened and re-activating a transaction token to download new keys is Monday to Friday EDT business hours response time.  Customers should backup appliances before deleting them from vcenter.

To backup your Eyeglass appliance data, configuration and Licenses:

  1. Login to the Eyeglass web page.

  2. Open the About Eyeglass window.

  3. Select the Backup menu.

   4.  In the Backup Archives window select the Create New Archive button.

   5.  While the Backup Archive is in progress you will see the Creating backup archive message.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.44.37 AM.png

NOTE:  New generate Backup logs and full backup in 1.6 > release now automatically creates screenshots and includes them in the zip file for support.   This process can take upto 5 minutes to complete and can be monitored from the running Jobs window.  

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.44.47 AM.png

   6.  Once completed you will see the archive in the list.  

  7.  Select the download link to download the archive to your local computer.

  8.  Store the archive in a secure location.

Eyeglass Restore


  • Eyeglass version when backup was taken must match the Eyeglass version that backup is being restored to

  • There will be an Eyeglass service interruption while the restore is in progress

To restore Eyeglass data and configuration from an Eyeglass Backup Archive file:

  1. Copy the Eyeglass Backup Archive over to the Eyeglass appliance where it is going to be restored.

  2. Open the Eyeglass Shell or ssh to the Eyeglass appliance.

  3. Login as admin or root user.

  4. From the command line execute the command

igls app restore <eyeglass_backup.xxxx.zip>

replacing <eyeglass_backup.xxxx.zip> with the name of the Eyeglass Archive file always including full path.

  1. You will be prompted to continue. Enter y to continue.

  2. Example:

# igls app restore /srv/www/htdocs/archive/eyeglass_backup_15-04-14_09-06-11.zip

Do you want to revert to the archive at /srv/www/htdocs/archive/eyeglass_backup_15-04-14_09-06-11.zip? [y/N]: y

Restoring backup from /srv/www/htdocs/archive/eyeglass_backup_15-04-14_09-06-11.zip

Archive:  /srv/www/htdocs/archive/eyeglass_backup_15-04-14_09-06-11.zip