Eyeglass email alerts with SMS text Gateways

Looking for mobile alerts and want to use SMS versus Eyeglass twitter feature? 

Take advantage of the many email to text gateways offered by many service providers.

Note some services require txt response to subscribe to email to txt which needs to be done outside of Eyeglass setup to enroll in the service first.   Many providers charge for email to txt so caution on enabling this service, to avoid unwanted charges.

 Carrier Email format
 Rogers     your10digitphonenumber@pcs.rogers.com
 Alltel %number%@message.alltel.com
 AT&T %number%@txt.att.net
 Cingular %number%@cingularme.com
 Metro PCS %number%@mymetropcs.com
 Nextel %number%@messaging.nextel.com
 Powertel %number%@ptel.net
 Sprint %number%@messaging.sprintpcs.com
 SunCom %number%@tms.suncom.com
 T-Mobile %number%@tmomail.net
 US Cellular %number%@email.uscc.net
 Verizon %number%@vtext.com
 Virgin mobile %number%@vmobl.com

Steps to enable email to txt
  1. Open Notification center
  2. Configure email server setup
  3. Add your provider email as per above where your phone number (10 digits) is the email to field plus the gateway format from the table above.
  4. If you don't see your provider you should be able to find the gateway email on the support site for your provider.  Feel free to email us more gateways to add to our list.