Procedure to change SyncIQ Policy Target SmartConnect Zone Name with Eyeglass

This procedure applies ONLY when changing SmartConnect Zones used as targets for SyncIQ policies to reference the target cluster OR when using restrict at source option on SyncIQ policies.  Eyeglass must be able to resolve these SmartConnect Zones for configuration replication.

1-Disable Eyeglass configuration replication jobs before starting

To avoid any errors in Eyeglass jobs we highly recommend you to disable the Eyeglass configuration replication jobs before start changing SmartConnect Zone name.  You can enable it later on when the configuration changes are done. To disable/or enable the affected jobs  login to Eyeglass > Jobs > Jobs Definitions >check the job > Select a bulk action > click Enable/Disable.

NOTE:  While steps 2 and 3 that follow are in progress and the new Smartconnect Zone name cannot be resolved by Eyeglass, if an Eyeglass Configuration Replication cycle runs,you will see Major alarm related to Eyeglass creation of Jobs for the affected policies due to unknown target.


The replication job for policy 'policy name' cannot be created because the target host cannot be identified

2- In Isilon OneFS source/or target cluster

Change SmartConnect Zone name used by SyncIQ policies and update SyncIQ Policies as necessary  (consult EMC Documentation for detailed steps).

3- Update  DNS Delegation

Update Subnet Service IP delegation in DNS for the SmartConnect Zone that is changing.  (consult EMC Documentation for detailed steps).

4- SSH to Eyeglass Appliance

Validate that Eyeglass can resolve the changed SyncIQ FQDN SmartConnect Zone names.

1 ssh to Eyeglass and login as root or admin.

2. Use the nslookup command to ensure the the SmartConnect Zone is resolved.

You can type nslookup <SmartConnect Zone name>

You should see a response as provided in the example below.

If you execute the nslookup command several time, you may have SmartConnect Zone is giving a different IP addresses, this indicates that each time clients try to connect to Isilon cluster nodes.  This also validates the DNS Service IP delegation is functioning.  

NOTE: Make sure the IP addresses returned are from the correct IP pool on the target or source cluster

NOTE: Testing SyncIQ jobs run as expected should be completed to verify the resolution from the cluster can reach the remote cluster to successfully Sync data.

5- Login to Eyeglass

Login to Eyeglass and check the jobs then enable it, Jobs > Job definitions >   

Click on the checkbox for the required Job  Select a bulk action > Enable/Disable  (if the job is disabled ) > then Run Now.

Check for errors on the jobs to verify name resolution is not impacting Eyeglass jobs