Superna Eyeglass Procedure to Upgrade the Eyeglass appliance from OpenSUSE 13.1 to OpenSUSE 13.2

  1. High level steps:

    1. Upgrade current Eyeglass appliance to 1.5.4 Eyeglass  release. (contract support to get the downlink)

    For upgrading to new release, follow this link

    1. Make a full backup of Eyeglass - download

    For creating Full Backup, follow the instructions on this link

    1. Download the Eyeglass Backup to your local computer.

    1. Power off Eyeglass appliance

    IMPORTANT: You must execute this step so not to have 2 Eyeglass appliance managing the same Isilon clusters

    To gracefully shut down the Eyeglass appliance:

    1. ssh to the Eyeglass appliance

    2. Login as admin and su to root

    3. Issue the command: shutdown

    This option turns off the VM and be able to reuse if it’s needed.

    1. Deploy Eyeglass  new 1.5.4 OVF (same version that you upgrade to in step 1)

    1. Apply networking: Regular steps for networking configuration.

    For this 2 steps, follow the instructions on this link for

    • Deploy the Eyeglass 1.5.4 Appliance

    • Eyeglass Appliance Networking Configuration (yast)

    1. WinSCP to the appliance and copy the backup archive

    1. Restore backup from step 2

    Follow the instruction for: Eyeglass Restore here.

    1. Run jobs and check inventory view. Check all is good