Support Playbook

Eyeglass Probe Technical Support Playbook

Eyeglass Probe  Capabilities and Components Monitored

Eyeglass Probe  for CA UIM leverages Isilon REST API and SSH to monitor Isilon clusters and provide DR status for SyncIQ replication:

Eyeglass Probe: This probe provides inventory, state and alarm collection from individual clusters  and replicating pairs of clusters with SyncIQ replication.

This subject of this document is the Eyeglass Probe.

The primary capabilities of the Eyeglass Probe are to:

  • Collect cluster Events and convert to UIM alarms

  • Tag clusters with name and node for each alarm

  • Provide SyncIQ monitoring and DR status from Eyeglass DR dashboard and raise alarms on DR readiness changes

The Eyeglass Probe monitors the following components:



Isilon clusters

7.2.0.x, 7.2.1.x, 8.0.0.x

SyncIQ replication

7.2.0.x, 7.2.1.x, 8.0.0.x

Vision IO, vcenter

3.x and 5.5 >

Overview of Architecture

Eyeglass Probe  is solution that monitors Isilon clusters and Vblocks .  It collects the inventory and state information from these clusters and passes it to the Eyeglass Isilon Dashboard.  It also collects alarm information from these devices and passes it to Nimsoft UIM bus.

The data flow between Eyeglass Probe.

Description of Main Probe Tasks:



Inventory and Calculated (Calc) Status

  • Protocol: REST

  • Scheduled retrieval of information every 5 minutes


  • Rest API

DR Status

Eyeglass REST API

Events Vblock


Vblock Inventory


Configuration and Log Files

Eyeglass Probe

Configuration Items

Configuration files are located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\marketplace\superna_eyeglass directory.  Following files have primary function in configuration of running probe:



Superna_eyeglass.cfg  .jar and .cfx

File containing parameters used by probe on initial startup.


Log file with errors on startup or exit

Log Files

Log files are located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\marketplace\superna_eyeglassdirectory.  Following log files contain the operational logging information for the probe:




File containing logs related to:

  • Starting probe

  • Stopping probe

  • Connection to eyeglass appliance service broker process

Example log entry for Starting probe:

May 27 13:26:40:976 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== START: Calling startupAndRestartInitialization(0)  ========

May 27 13:26:40:976 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== START: Reading configuration files and setting up monitors ========

May 27 13:26:40:976 [main, superna_eyeglass] START: GenResourceFactory.readAllQosDefs

May 27 13:26:40:976 [main, superna_eyeglass] DONE: GenResourceFactory.readAllQosDefs entries: 0

May 27 13:26:40:976 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== START: Scheduling DataCollectors for Resources ========

May 27 13:26:40:992 [main, superna_eyeglass] SCHEDULER: using scheduler_thread_pool_size = 3

May 27 13:26:40:992 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== DONE: Scheduling DataCollectors for Resources ========

May 27 13:26:40:992 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== DONE: Reading configuration files and setting monitors ========

May 27 13:26:40:992 [main, superna_eyeglass] =========== DONE: Finished startupAndRestartInitialization ========

May 27 13:26:44:918 [pool-1-thread-1, superna_eyeglass] Starting the eyeglass probe in 5 seconds...

May 27 13:26:44:918 [pool-1-thread-1, superna_eyeglass] -------- Right before the registration call -----------

May 27 13:26:44:965 [pool-1-thread-1, superna_eyeglass] Created service to listen on port 23457

May 27 13:26:44:965 [pool-1-thread-1, superna_eyeglass] Service listening

Debugging Facilities

None available.

How to Obtain Licenses

Contact Superna to obtain licenses.  The following information is required:

License Type: Trial or Permanent

For Permanent Licenses:

License Quantity: Number of Isilon clusters for monitoring


Inventory Not Collected


  • Eyeglass Probe deployed and configured to Eyeglass appliance

  • Eyeglass Isilon licenses installed

  • Eyeglass Isilon connection to Isilon Clusters


In the Eyeglass Isilon inventory tree   the cluster shows Adding…..

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.28.54 PM.png


1.  Refresh the Eyeglass Isilon  Inventory tree.  

2.  Determine elapsed time since  was added.   inventory may take 5 - 10 minutes depending on the state of the system when the was added:

  • Was inventory collection task in progress when  was added?  The in-progress inventory task has to complete before inventory for a new  is added.

  • How many  inventories are being completed simultaneously.

3.  Look in main.log and determine whether there was an inventory failure.  You will see this almost immediately after NDEUpdate task starts with an entry in main.log that looks something like this:

2013-11-04 15:39:14,898 NDEUpdateTask:collectData [211] Failed to get Inventory Data.  
2013-11-04 15:39:14,898 RefreshNEData:doDataRefresh [183] Could not sync inventory for new nodes - Failed to get Shelf Data - Inventory failed

Troubleshooting Steps for connect to Eyeglass appliance:

  1. Connect using https://x.x.x.x  

  2. Ensure ports 443, 2011 and 2012 are not blocked between browser and the appliance

Unable to Load Licenses Troubleshooting


Try to upload the license zip file to the Eyeglass license manager .


1. Browser

License upload only works with Chrome browser.

Alarms not appearing in UIM


  • Eyeglass Probe deployed and configured to Eyeglass appliance

  • Eyeglass Isilon licenses installed

  • Eyeglass Isilon connection to Isilon Clusters


Alarms do not appear to be processed in UIM from Isilon clusters.


  1. Login to eyeglass appliance and check status of the probe connection to the service broker process in eyeglass

  2. On desktop open the Services

  3. Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 2.46.51 PM.png

  4. If the State shows inactive it means the IP connection has failed between the probe machine and the eyeglass appliance

  5. Check probe machine and test ping from this machine to the appliance

  6. If this is successful then:

  7. Login to eyeglass appliance via ssh using admin user account

  8. Check tcp connections from the probe host machine using

  9. Netstat -p | grep x.x.x.x  (where x.x.x.x is ip address of the machine running the probe)

    1. If no tcp connections are seen from this source ip address it indicates connection issues on this port

  10. Now try this command from the machine running the probe

    1. telnet y.y.y.y 37356  (y.y.y.y is the ip address of the eyeglass appliance and requires telnet on the probe machine)

    2. If connection is successful to the service broker port it indicates the connection is successful and telnet UI will appear to hang.

    3. If this fails this message will be seen

    4. Trying y.y.y.y...

    5. telnet: connect to address y.y.y.y: Connection refused

    6. telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

    7. If the command fails use another PC other than the probe host and try the same command.  This will help identify if a firewall is blocking access to this port between the probe host and the eyeglass appliance

Can not Add Isilon clusters to Eyeglass Appliance


  • Eyeglass Probe deployed and configured to Eyeglass appliance

  • Eyeglass Isilon licenses installed


Can not add clusters to eyeglass for monitoring


  1. Verify that ports https over 8080 and ssh 22 are open between the eyeglass appliance the Isilon clusters and try again

  2. Eyeglass will return password error if the password is incorrect.  Failure to add will not be user or password related

  3. Verify the required service broker ports are open between the Eyeglass appliance the robot running the probe.  Verify the firewall on the eyeglass appliance has opened the ports for the Probe default port connect and register.

  4. Verify ip reachability with ping and no firewall blocks ports

  5. Open a case with support if known of the above resolve the adding… cluster.

  6. Send support logs capture using this procedure

Andrew MacKay,
May 30, 2016, 10:10 AM