UIM Eyeglass 1.5.4 Probe Release Notes

Supported OneFS releases

OneFS v7.2.0.x

OneFS v7.2.1.x

OneFS v8.0.0.x

Supported Vision IO releases


Vcenter 5.5 >

Supported Eyeglass releases

Superna Eyeglass R1.5.4

Supported CA UIM releases

CA UIM 8.3

CA UIM 8.4

What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Probe Isilon Release 1.5.4

Eyeglass Isilon Probe  for CA UIM leverages Isilon REST API and SSH to monitor Isilon clusters and provide DR status for SyncIQ replication.  It provides inventory, state and alarm collection from individual clusters  and replicating pairs of clusters with SyncIQ replication.

The primary capabilities of the Eyeglass Isilon probe are to:

  • Collect cluster Events and convert to UIM alarms

  • Tag clusters with name and node for each alarm

  • Provide SyncIQ monitoring and DR status from Eyeglass DR dashboard and raise alarms on DR readiness changes

  • Failover status alarms

  • Custom alarm tags

  • Monitor VBlock alarms at all layers in the stack compute, storage, network and virtual

The Eyeglass Isilon Probe monitors the following components: Isilon clusters, SyncIQ Replication.

The Eyeglass Vblock probe monitors the following components: compute layer, storage layer, network layer, virtual layer

Known Issues

T851 - Eyeglass Isilon Probe Token Change Requires Probe Restart

If the token required for authentication between the Eyeglass Isilon Probe and the Eyeglass server is changed, the Eyeglass Isilon Probe enters an error state in CA UIM with CA UIM alarm “Max. restarts reached for probe 'superna_eyeglass' (command = <startup java>)”

Workaround: Deactivate / Activate the probe to restore operation.


T1354 - No SCA restart should be made after port 37356 is added

Service Broker port is added in Eyeglass.

After port is added need to do a SCA restart for alarms and events to be captured in NimSoft.

Eyeglass alarms and cluster events should be captured in NimSoft without a SCA restart after the Service Broker port is added.

Workaround: Use sudo -s with admin password and restart the sca process with systemctl restart sca


Andrew MacKay,
May 30, 2016, 9:35 AM